• If your horse which can be an investment for some dies, needs to be euthanized for humane reasons or is ever stolen then Mortality coverage can help cover the investment amount or purchase price you paid for the horse as specified in the policy.

    A few highlights of mortality coverage:

    • Claims adjustors are available 24/7.
    • Optional coverages may be added such as medical or surgical.
    • Every carrier will provide some allowance toward colic surgery per the policy wording under mortality.
    • Claim extensions are available on approved claimed conditions.
  • There is an all risk type Policy for death, theft or humane destruction of a covered animal which may include sickness and disease risk.

    Carriers also offer a specified perils only coverage which is less expensive however, this is not an all risk policy and is limited in coverage scope and benefit, contact the agency for any questions regarding limited or specified perils.

  • We represent several carriers that can add a medical plan which can include surgery to your horse. The medical can cover an accident, injury, illness or disease that may develop while the Policy is in force and is not pre-existing.

    If medical is not for you, we can recommend a carrier with a surgical only plan which can assist with a big ticket surgery such as colic surgery or non-elective nonperformance type surgery.

    Claims adjustors are available 24/7 to assist with any claim filing pertaining to these coverages.

  • Yes, emergency colic surgery is one of the most unexpected and most expensive items you can incur with your horse. Our available medical/surgical plan add on can assist with the financial burden of such an expensive procedure

    The surgical plan will also assist with a colic surgery in the event your horse is required to have a surgery related to colic.

  • If you file a claim on your horse all carriers will place an exclusion on the renewal term however, if the condition will heal and the horse returns to normal from said condition some carriers will review to remove the exclusion at a later time. We always encourage you to use your Insurance first and we’ll assist with a review of any exclusions that may arise in the future. Not all exclusions are reviewable, but don’t let that discourage you from using your Insurance and getting your horse better!

  • Yes, we got you covered. We have carriers who specialize in the Professional Equestrian instructor and trainer Insurance fields and can provide you with more than adequate coverage to assist with your teaching and instruction programs. We can also offer personal horse owners coverage for just the day to day horseman as well.