General Liability
This equine coverage from our insurance companies is very important to you if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as boarding, instruction, training, breeding, etc. Coverage is provided if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property is damaged. The equine insurance policy issued by our company(ies) covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the policy limits.


In the event your horse injures a third party or damages their property, this provides coverage for defense fees as well as pays claims for which you are legally liable during the policy period.


Our company(ies) provides equine insurance coverage for claims and defense fees resulting from any negligent act, error or omission by the insured's professional equestrian activities.

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Farm Package
We offer one of the industry's broadest and most comprehensive products available to the modern day horse farm owner at a competitive price. Coverage can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your operation from a small acreage pleasure farm to a multiple location commercial farm.

Following are some of the highlights:

Eligibility: Individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporation(LLC), owner or tenant operator.

Format: Multi-line policy able to include dwelling, personal property, farm property, farm personal property, liability, auto, care, custody or control, watercraft, and umbrella in one policy. Availability for some coverages may be limited depending upon the state in which you live.

Deductibles: $500-$25,000


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Individual Horse Owners
Horse Owners are faced with unique liability exposures that may not be adequately covered under normal personal liability policies such as a homeowner policy. Our companies have specifically designed an insurance policy to cover the horse owner's legal liability for both bodily injury and property damage to others resulting from horse ownership. Individual owners of personal or show horses who do not derive income nor are involved commercially are eligible.

Liability coverage, including defense costs, is available with limits up to $1,000,000. Prices are very competitive, beginning at only $40 per horse, subject to minimum premiums.

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Care, Custody & Control

Equine Care, Custody or Control insurance is an essential coverage for all horse operations which involve non-owned horses, including boarding, breeding and training. Standard General Liability Insurance excludes coverage for personal property (horses are an example) in your Care, Custody or Control Care. This coverage fills this void by promising to pay all sums you are legally obligated to pay for damage to non-owned horses in your Care, Custody or Control. This coverage does not apply to horses that you own or lease. Mortality Insurance is designed for these needs.

Your policy will cover up to the chosen policy limits for the injury, theft or death of the horses in your Care, Custody or Control. Policy limits are available up to $2,500,000 per horse and $5,000,000 maximum loss per policy year.

Defense costs for lawsuits are also included in this coverage including the cost of bail bonds, interest on judgments against you and expenses you incur at our request to assist in the defense, including loss of earnings, up to $100 per day.

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Riding Clubs Liability
Riding clubs and their varied functions pose unique liability exposures, which need specially designed coverage tailored to these needs. Our Riding Club Liability programs have the flexibility to be custom tailored to cover such exposures as premises liability for meetings and fund-raisers, trail rides, boarding, clinics and public events (i.e. shows and parades). The policy can be written on a short-term basis for one-time events or annually.

Coverage is designed to insure the club and its members for sums legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and property damage resulting from club activities. Liability limits are available up to $1 million.

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Race Horse Owners Liability
Many people own race horses as an investment or simply as an enjoyable hobby. The forms of ownership are many -- including but not limited to individuals, partnerships, corporations, etc. These owners face unique liability exposures for injury or damage resulting from the ownership of these horses. As a business exposure, this liability is normally excluded under any personal homeowner insurance the owner may have.

Our insurance companies that deal with race horses have recognized this need and in response to that need our insurance companies provide a Race Horse Owners Insurance Policy (RHO) for racing stock owners that are not directly involved in breeding, training or racing, but contract with independent contractors. Certificates of Insurance should always be obtained from these independent contractors.

Should a person be injured or property damaged as a result of your horse racing activities, our insurance companies will, subject to policy exclusions, defend you in court and pay claims for which you are legally liable. Policy limits are available up to $1,000,000.

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Our companies provide broad catastrophic umbrella protection over and above Farm, Auto and Watercraft primary liability coverage. In today's environment characterized by rising values and an increasingly litigious society, often times primary liability limits of $500,000 to $1,000,000 prove disastrously inadequate to protect your assets.

The umbrella coverage includes defense coverage plus some additional coverages not included on primary liability policies. Available limits range from $1 million to $25 million with very competitive pricing and a self-retained limit of only $1,000.

Certain exclusions and conditions apply
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